About GFW


Gainesville Fashion Week brings people together!

We are excited to announce that this spring we will launch the sixth season of Gainesville Fashion Week, starting on January 30th, 2013, with our annual Model Walking Clinic! This event is open to the public and is intended to help potential models perfect their runway walk, with the help and guidance from veteran models. During the weeks leading up to this first event, our creative, talented and growing team of producers, directors and interns got to know one another through team mixers, a promotional photo shoot, and an exciting night at the Hippodrome Theater, featuring a documentary about fashion legend, Diana Vreeland. 

Leading up to GFW, the team will engage in multiple promotional events, including tabling and flyering on the University of Florida campus and taking downtown and midtown by storm with our HOT! card events. One of the biggest hurdles for GFW to clear is the Model Casting Call, which will be held on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 at neutral7 design and graphics. Luckily, we have a seasoned group of individuals who have an eye for emerging model talent.

Following the model selection process, the GFW team will be holding and attending events like the Model Photo Shoot, Model Rehearsals, Model Mixers and various on-campus fashion shows.


The team at Gainesville Fashion Week aims to create a unifying platform that showcases artistic talent and provides an outlet for entertainment and exposure within the community. We’ve created a showcase that fuses design produced in the heart of Gainesville with national and international talent. From our outset, GFW has  focused on bringing people together around a common enthusiasm for all things involving fashion, music, culture and art.

Gainesville Fashion Week also supports the community through donations with a nonprofit organization, currently Rocket for the Arts, as it strives to build quality art programs for youth in Alachua County. 


Gainesville Fashion Week, currently in its sixth season, supports local design, creative content, music and business and provides an outlet for artists. After six years of production, the GFW team has expanded and offers up a diverse leadership team built for generating exposure and magnetism to your brand or works of art.

GFW is in a constant state of cultivating relationships in the name of exposing creative talent in the realm of fashion and complimentary fields. 


If you’re aiming at earning the spotlight in major Gainesville publications and expanding your reach to big business names, consider investing your resources in Gainesville Fashion Week. You’ll assure yourself some supreme ink to catapult your business or organization to frontrunner status within its industry. Previous years' roster of recognition reached its height with national recognition in Southern Living Magazine as one of the leading fashion events in the South. Last year, we expanded into an international partnership with Fashion Politics. GFW has also received consistent coverage in local outlets including, The Gainesville Sun, Home Magazine, Gainesville Today, INsite Magazine, Our Town Magazine, WCJB TV20, The Gainesville VW10, GTN and numerous local blogs. Finally, we were very excited by our recognition by Givenchy via Twitter last March 2011.

Spread the word about your contribution to Gainesville by partnering with a team that has a track record of strategic partnerships in the community. 

See you in April!

The Gainesville Fashion Week Team