Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet Your Bloggers!

Begin shedding your coats and long-sleeved tops because Gainesville is about to get haute. Spring brings sunny skies and vibrant hues, but most importantly the 6th annual Gainesville Fashion Week.  An event so amazing that it stretches over four days, GFW features the best that fashion, art and music have to offer.
The festivities, beginning April 3rd, include exclusive, invitation-only events and parties, open art shows and ticketed runway shows. The weekend will be teeming with local and national designers in addition to showcasing many boutiques, businesses and vendors.

As your GFW bloggers of 2013, we have taken it upon ourselves to be your eyes and ears of Gainesville, reporting on the latest trends and updating you on under-the-radar events that will surely make this spring the best yet.

Want to get involved? Contact us about becoming a sponsor. Are you tall, love to play dress-up and can strike a fierce pose? Over the next week, our stylish group of fashion enthusiasts will be strutting around UF and downtown Gainesville promoting our February 3rd Model Casting Call.

Getting excited? Good. Now keep up with the fun.

Meet your 2013 GFW bloggers!

I came to fashion by way of makeup. As a working makeup artist, I’ve learned so much about trend and culture. Fashion is, at a certain level, “people and parties,” but it’s so much more than that.

Whether on your face or in the clothes you wear, fashion both expresses the person you want to be and signifies your connection with this moment in history. To me, fashion is so much more than just looking cute: It’s seizing a fleeting opportunity to participate in the world as it is today, which may be completely different from how it is tomorrow.

That’s the message I want to get across to people, and I’m honored to be a part of GFW to do just that.

Xx Niko

Chin Chin:
Having grown up in Gainesville (not exactly the fashion capital) fashion has become my way of expression. It represents not only who I am but also who I was and who I'm going to be. Fashion to is not only a statement of ones brand and wealth but rather more importantly of ones personality and culture.

Gainesville Fashion Week has been a life changing experience. The people I've met have really become an inspiration and their accomplishments have become my goals and dreams.


Fashion and journalism have always played major roles in my life. Since I was young, my mom would keep magazines like Vogue and W around our house. They served as windows to a different world, a world where luxury is the standard.

At age 13, I traveled to Milan, Paris and London with my mom. We saw couture fashion shows in Milan and Paris. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity sparked a flame that has motivated me to pursue a degree in Journalism, specifically the magazine track, from UF.

Since that summer, I’ve been back to Milan twice. I hope to study abroad in Italy, where some of the biggest names in fashion began. I’m excited to be interning with Gainesville Fashion Week 2013, and can’t wait for what’s to come.

Ciao! Roberta

Eager to leave my uninspiring suburban home, I have been longing for the thrilling lifestyle of a journalist since middle school. I live for investigating, writing and reporting, but always with flair and a purple pen in hand.

As a child, I was captivated by the beautiful, glamorous and quirky world of fashion. Fashion is art, a transformative part of our culture that promotes creativity and individualism. A magazine hoarder, I dream of writing features for the same publications that have inspired me to be confident in myself and molded the way I look at the world around me.

Working for Gainesville Fashion Week is going to be a fabulous adventure that I hope to be a part of for the next four years.

Love Always, Alyssa 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Follow Up: GFW Loves Sharab!

As GFW interns, we have it pretty good. While it’s certainly not easy putting on such a large-scale event, we can’t help but enjoy every minute of it. On Saturday night, our job description included mingling, schmoozing and scoping out Gainesville’s most beautiful people as we took over Sharab Lounge. Looking sophisticatedly chic in all black – with the exception of standout accessories like Shelby’s scarlet pumps, Chin Chin’s goldenrod bag and my citrine beaded necklace – interns from each division of GFW came together to promote our model casting call on Feb. 3.
Downtown wasn't particularly buzzing with activity, but that didn't stop us from having a great time. While promoting Sharab’s GFW-inspired shots Hot Pants (a cinnamon concoction that’s fuchsia tint made it look as good as it tasted), we passed out Hot cards to perspective models like the slender 6-foot woman with razor-sharp cheekbones and the adorable Ashton Kutcher look-a-like behind the bar.
Think you’re what we’re looking for? If you want to learn more about the opportunity to model for GFW, we’ll be stationed in Turlington all week. You’ll also find us Downtown again at Simon's on Jan. 31 and in Midtown at Cantina on Feb. 1 promoting the big casting call.
Even if modeling isn’t for you, swing by and join the fun. Just look for the cohesively dressed cluster in black.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

GFW Loves Sharab!

Hello fashionistas! We have been busy getting down to business these past few weeks to promote for our upcoming Model Casting Call. So, please join us this Saturday, January 26th from 10:30 pm until you can’t dance anymore at Sharab Lounge, located at 109 S Main Street. This event will be 21 and up.
Sharab will be mixing special GFW shots all night long for those brave enough to try; we hope they'll have you strutting your stuff down the Sharab runway by the end of the night. Our ever-expanding fashion mob will also be out and on the prowl for Gainesville’s best, so put your best Choo forward and dress to impress.

On that note, if you think you've got what it takes, and we hope you do, stop by our Casting Call on Sunday, February 3rd from 12-5 pm at neutral7 design & graphics. We will also be having a Model Walking Clinic next Wednesday, January 30th from 7-8 pm at Cellar 12 to help any and all aspiring models perfect their runway walk.
For more information about the Casting Call, visit our event page: events/526026364077171/ or contact us at

See you all out on the town!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GFW Goes to the Movies with Diana Vreeland!

“Style is everything…style is a way of life. Without it, you’re nothing.” -Diana Vreeland 
Gainesville Fashion Week went to the movies last night to watch Diana Vreeland’s “The Eye Has to Travel” at the Hippodrome Theatre downtown. The documentary gave insight into the wild world of fashion, detailing the life of Diana Vreeland, former Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar and Editor-In-Chief of Vogue. She later went on to work for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Before the event, GFW members met in the lobby of the Hippodrome and talked to moviegoers about our upcoming Model Casting Call, which will take place on February 3 from 12-5 pm at neutral7 signs & graphics. Interns and directors tabled for the event, mingled before the movie, and—it probably goes without saying—complimented each others' outfit choices.
With preparation in full swing, a night at the movies was a perfect way for GFW team members to get together and get inspired for Fashion Week 2013.

Keep up to date with all GFW events through our Facebook page, Twitter (@GNVFashionWeek), Instagram (@GNVFashionWeek), Pinterest, Tumblr and Blogspot! 

-Roberta Fiorito 

Cellar 12 to Host the GFW Walking Clinic and Callbacks

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that this year the Gainesville Fashion Week Model Walking Clinic, as well as our Model Callbacks, will be held at Cellar 12, located just off Main Street in downtown Gainesville. Cellar 12 is a newly-opened, special events venue that offers catering with menu choices including Indian, Italian and Caribbean food. The GFW Walking Clinic will take place next Wednesday, January 30th from 7-8 pm. Veteran models from previous years’ shows will be at the event to provide tips and help any model perfect their runway walk.
For more information about the event, or other Gainesville Fashion Week events, check out our Facebook page, or contact the models team at And don’t forget to come to the GFW Casting Call on Sunday, February 3rd from 12-5 pm at neutral 7 design, located at 2444 NE 1st Blvd, suite 700. You don’t want to miss out this year!