Monday, March 28, 2011

How to WIN tickets to GFW

Some of us met yesterday and after months (and we mean months) of planning, we can't believe the big week is finally here! Though we start planning in September it's these final 10 days before Fashion Week that are the most exciting.

So how does one win tickets to the GFW runway events (if you haven't already bought them that is).

This year, there are a few fun options.

1. See a GFW road sign around town? We're giving a pair of tickets to the people who post a pic of our sign and it's location on our Facebook page. No repeat offenders though, the first person to post that location will win.
his photo comes from one of our models AJ Vanegas.

2. Our friends at 106.9KZY are also doing a ticket giveaway - they've got 15 PAIRS you can win along with some great music and a really funny morning show. Listen to their morning jock Kidd Kraddick from 8a.m. to 9a.m. for chances to win a pair.

Though not in the realm of winning but we still think it's pretty cool.

Guess what? GFW Tickets are
today's special on Groupon - yup, we're in the big leagues now. So tell a friend to tell a friend.

I'm sure there's room somewhere in here for a Charlie Sheen reference. Heck, if someone posts a funny enough reply on Facebook - we might just give you a pair of tickets too. WINNING!

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