Sunday, April 3, 2011

An exclusive GFW interview with Chris Clayton

Chris Cardi Couture has its roots in custom T-shirt design. Designer Christopher Clayton custom tailors tees according to his client’s measurements. The “couture” classification qualifies this line outside the realm of the average graphic tee that eventually gets tossed in the bottom drawer of most wardrobes.

Clayton has expanded his men’s line to incorporate American sensibilities, Italian fit and English attention to detail. Even with the addition of denim, cardigans, and vests Clayton says his v-neck tees are still the most coveted items he designs.

Here's an exclusive Q&A with Chris Clayton

GFW: How did you get involved with this year’s production?

CC: I actually attended last year's GFW by chance. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect; I didn't expect much at all. I was presently surprised by an eclectic mix of people, lifestyle and fashion. Gainesville, who would have thought! I knew then I had to be involved next time around.

GFW: So what's new from Chris Cardi Couture this season?

CC: New additions to the collection this season are accessories and soft luggage, short sleeve button ups, light weight slim cut hoodies as well as fitted cargo shorts.

GFW: Describe your the ideal client and their mantra.

CC: The individual that rocks Cardi is someone who is fashion savvy, navigates multiple social circles, travels, and is always up for an adventure or a quick getaway. The line is designed for the professional trendsetter worldwide.

GFW: Any hopes and dreams after your show in GFW?

CC: We are always looking at ways to increase our consumer base but the event has to be right. GFW isn't a household name just yet; but, the way it’s done and the attention it gets in Central Florida makes it the premiere fashion event for a fashion-starved and craved crowd.

GFW: Thanks! So other than participating with us, how do you spread the word about the Cardi lifestyle?

CC: We may do runway shows in the future but our marketing campaign is geared more so on product placement and getting our clothing on people wearing it in their everyday life. Word of mouth has been huge for my line and nothing generates better word of mouth than an extremely satisfied customer.

Join us Saturday April 9th to be immersed in the Chris Cardi Couture lifestyle and see his newest collection on the GFW runway. Tickets on sale here.

As Clayton would say...Live Fresh…Die Spoiled.

Photography from Chris Cardi Couture online - featuring Gainesville Fashion Week 2011 Model, Tian Sui

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