Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Casting Diaries

First a HUGE "Thank You" to all of the attendees at Sunday's casting.

We had about 200 guys and girls show up to neutral7 design. Applicants drove from as far as West Palm, Tampa and Savannah, GA - we truly appreciate your efforts.

(That, of course, also goes out to our locally based talent)

GFW Model Casting

How many interns does it take to pitch a tent? Well, it depends on their height but after some struggling (and a little help from our stage manager, Brandon) we got things rolling and started processing our first slew of applicants.

Take a look at these beautiful people!

GFW Model Casting
GFW Model Casting

Some applicants got some great swag from our downtown salons, ChaoticVibes kept the crowd moving while Monster Energy made sure we were fueled all afternoon long.

For those who could not make it; here's what went down:
  • After completing our application and getting the awesome, limited edition GFW button models applicants were sent indoors for photos: headshots, full lengths and profiles
  • They were measured by a team of professional, but still giggly interns, masterfully led by Kristi who had the "inseams" measuring spot last year
  • Then they walked our makeshift runway for local designer, Bobby K, and co-producer, Gwen
Check out some candids from the Casting Call powered by Monster Energy here and subscribe to GFW-TV on YouTube to see clips of this and all of our events.

Why else do you think Brandon has such a huge grin on his face? He knows our videos are amazing!

Brandon - our trusty Stage Manager

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