Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hola from Los Angeles

Last season we brought you the scoop from London, this year we're taking things to Los Angeles.

Remember Simone? She covered GFW last year and has since moved to LA to make waves in the fashion, entertainment and beauty industries. We still think of Simone as our hometown girl and had the chance to catch up with her this week.

Photo by Tyler Jones, Exile Photography

Simone, our newest guest blogger, will be giving us the scoop from Hollywood and it ties in perfectly with this year's theme. Want to know about her LA takeover? Start reading:

Four Months of Fur

I wish I had more time to wear my cognac-colored rabbit fur. I guess if I move to NYC or somewhere frigid I’ll get more wear out of it, but here in Southern California I get about a three or four month window.

Vintage cognac colored fur with hood, $100

Even if I only get to wear it once, this golden vintage find was worth every penny. Not only is it in keeping with the Fall/Winter 2010 plush fur trend, it’s also a perfect pairing with this season's neutral palette. A good fur is a staple item you can cherish for years and several Fall/Winter seasons to come.

Thankfully, I spent New Years in a local ski town and got plenty of usage out of my new fur. But alas, winter is coming to a close and a bright spring is in the not too distant future, so this isn’t as much about buying a fur as it is taking advantage of your local thrift and vintage.

Don’t be afraid of thrifting and wearing second hand clothing. A couple things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect vintage find:

  1. Exhaust all options, from Goodwill to an old lady consignment shop…just do it up
  2. Inspect the garment through and through! If it has imperfections, you won’t wear it
  3. Peruse the racks thoroughly...because you never know what’s hiding behind an obstructive 80’s disaster
  4. Try it on, and try it on a lot since you probably won’t be able to return it
  5. It’s vintage, so go for a bold accent piece you can pair with staples you already have at home. But then again, agood staple is always a solid, and safe, choice.

If you're worried about staying current, you can absolutely find trendy pieces relevant to this season's stipulations. But, the best part about thrifting is the uniqueness of an item that no one else will have, unlike the dime a dozen garments from Forever21 or H&M. Whether its a fur or a retro frock, vintage is a head-turner, and will keep you looking fabulous for at least the next four months.

With love from LA!


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Vintage 1980's A-line velvet dress with sheer neckline, $25
Vintage authentic leather satchel, $14

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