Sunday, March 21, 2010

GFW Hits London Town!

Gainesville Fashion Week's Media Coordinator Melanie visits London for some Fashion Week prep. (We told you it was all about air travel in style this year!). Here's a note she sent us from the UK!

Greetings from Britian!

Hope all is coming together for Fashion week as I do my UK research: the street styles here are amazing!!!
I wish I took some pictures but between the rain, dodging the crowds and just general shopping on my part (couldn't resist) I didn't; BUT I will explain what I'm seeing and doing here in as vivid detail as possible.
Today (Sunday) was a very pretty, "English" day: cool weather, pockets of sun and loads of crowds hitting the streets for some shopping, eating and just general foolery. I made my way over to the Regent & Oxford St area, did some browsing in Uniqlo, Mango and saw the biggest Apple store I've ever seen in my life! I was accosted by a life-size cutout of Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger, my favorite muggle) at Burberry and heard some Arabian hip-hop at the cool trinket shops (I'm a sucker for tacky souvenirs).

I'm seeing different trends we are leaving and/or picking up on in the US. The girls here in London are rocking the leggings look like it's (fill in appropriate year here). Black or lacy leggings with shorts and bloomers seem to be the trend, paired with frilly tops and a heavier leather/pleather/cotton jacket. Saddle bags or quilted, chain-strap purses, loadsss of necklaces and any shoe from sandals, ballets, UGGS, fake Uggs, flats or cool high-top kicks complete the look.

The guys, I think, vary on the girl they are with at least that's what I notice - the more trendy the girl..the more stylish guy, and that's a good thing right?

Have you guys heard about Primark? Dangerous place and especially dangerous around the black-to-ruby colored sequined tights area (a post about my fight for afforementioned tights will be another day).

Oh almost forgot, there was a huge display at Selfridges on Oxford Street dedicated to the work of Alexander McQueen and before the day was over, I got to check out the London College of Fashion seen here.

Conveniently located atop one of my favorite stores - Zara. Hope all is well stateside!


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