Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet The Producers: Gustavo Bonet

Gainesville Fashion Week takes a team and one of those team member's who's been there from the start is Gustavo Bonet.
Here's a little bio on one off GFW's visionaries.

While studying architecture at UF, Gustavo was heavily involved in the nightlife scene at the time. But it was only after school that he was approached to create a nightlife venue that would be different and not yet accomplished within Gainesville-- Sharab Lounge. After hard work and plenty of planning, Sharab Lounge opened its doors to the Gainesville community in April of 2008.

"Through this I was able to host various fashion shows giving fashion creditability within Gainesville," Gustavo said.

And through this an idea emerged.

"Within this time frame, I conceptualized the idea of a fashion event spanning several days," he said, "and through the help and partnership of Tiffany and Albert, Gainesville Fashion Week was created."

But currently Bonet is away from Gainesville attending Columbia University pursuing a graduate degree in Architecture.

"It makes me feel great to see the event continue and become such a staple within the Gainesville community," Bonet said. "When I thought of the idea of GFW, I hoped that an event like this not only would showcase fashion but showcase the individual and how important and fun being yourself can be."

And looking back over what has taken place, his thoughts are fond.

"GFW has made for such great memories and experiences," he said. "Thank you to everyone who have supported this event from the very beginning to now.

And Gustavo offers simple advice for the future of GFW.

"Keep it fresh, Gainesville."

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