Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sponsor Update: Pita Pit

 Pita Pit makes a home with Gainesville Fashion Week 2010. Welcome!

Pita Pit was created on the idea that people want an exciting alternative to fast food restaurants - somewhere with great tasting food that’s healthy, fresh, and still served fast.

So Pita Pit ditched the heavy breads and buns, and came up with special light, tasty, Lebanese-style pitas and vowed to fill them with only the good stuff. Lean, savory meats that could be grilled to perfection, or unique, flavorful cheeses. Combine this with a large choice of crisp, fresh veggies and exotic toppings, including our own zesty signature sauces. Viola!

Pita Pit's pitas were also developed with a special fold, so these tantalizing flavors could be all rolled into one.

Check them out with two locations in Gainesville: W. University Ave and SW Archer Rd or online.

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