Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Mikho Karajito

About the Collection:
the beautiful people of New York City have inspired this collection: strangers, commuters, colleagues; well-suited successful men and women that stride the streets of this never-sleeping metropolitan without a hair out of place. The same individuals that escape their beloved big apple at the end of the workweek to find getaways in exotic destinations such as Fire Island, Miami or Mikonos only to peel off beautiful layers of business attire to expose what's hidden underneath: imaginative inked skin, piercings and well-toned bodies, all garnished with a healthy dose of summer sweat.

About the Artist ( Miguel Blanco):

Having earned a degree in art, I have a mental museum of images and styles of which I raid on a daily basis combined with a infinite library of artistic resources available in the city to deliver this collection. This season, the juxtaposition of autumn patterns synonymous with the workplace: tweeds, hound's tooth, pin stripes - in addition to a few metallics have been combined with retro inspired silhouettes to be latter embellished with pops of color. Such combination of seemingly disjointed elements, interconnected and interdependent are presented in each piece, giving rise to each other in turn, creating in effect a Yin Yang.

For more about Mikho Karajito, visit: www.mikho.com

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