Friday, March 26, 2010

Sponsor Update: Duo Media Foundry

Serving the greater community in "telling its stories" is DUO Media Foundry. And this year, they're serving as a GFW2010 sponsor.

DUO Media Foundry is a close-knit team of passionate artists and thinkers driven by ravenous curiosity and super-human work ethic. 

"We know it's not about us,"Miguel Blanco said. "It's about helping our clients tell their stories and express their message."

With over a decade of execution, DUO Media Foundry pushes creative limits to provide the highest quality design and production services for all trades in any format delivering  award-winning network branding initiatives to advertising and design, new media, film and television. 

For your design and production services,  you can soon visit their Web site ( it is currently under construction).

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