Friday, March 19, 2010

Sponsor Update: The Caffeine Bar at Ben 'n' Jerry's

 A sweet sensation has joined the ranks! Your support is highly appreciated!

Located on Archer Road, The Caffeine Bar at Ben'n'Jerry's is here to serve all of your ice cream desires with more than 30 flavors. But aside from the ice cream, their Cappachillo® coolers, Legendairy shakes, real fruit smoothies, frozen yogurt  and Sorbet Splashes are sure to please. But more than a sweet tooth's dream, the regular "Cup of Joe" drinker gets special attention as well, choosing from their range of espressos, cappuccinos and coffees are available.

They've got weekly specials on Sunday's from 8 p.m.- midnight, BJs in your PJs , which  is an event where customers don their  pajama's for a   BOGO oofer .

Check them out online at, on Facebook at or give them a call at 352.240.6222

Hours of Operation
Mon -Thur 6:30a - 11:30p
Fri 6:30a- 12a
Sat & Sun 8a - 12a

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