Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sponsor Update: The Canvas Foundation

Gainesville Fashion Week is thrilled to have The Canvas Foundation as one of our sponsors.

The CANVAS Foundation is a Florida-based charitable organization which has been created to support and promote art and creativity, and to provide the youth, and all people the opportunity to express themselves actively: "Self Expression Through Art." Supporting quickly dissolving art programs, CANVAS visits schools during functions and events, equipped with large canvases and a slew of materials necessary to create a masterpiece! Students, friends and family are invited to leave their impression on our canvases. Even if painting isn't your passion, never give up on your dreams. NEVER let anyone tell you that what your soul hungers for isn't a reality. Sometimes our dreams are all we have. Never stop chasing. We are here to inspire you, because you are who inspires us. To learn more about and contact The CANVAS Foundation, please visit: www.thecanvasfoundation.org --- www.myspace.com/thecanvasfoundation --- Facebook contact: thecanvasfoundation@gmail.com

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