Friday, March 5, 2010

Sponsor Highlight: Avant Garde Salon

Bryan Sepp, salon manager, artistic director and education coordinator of Avant Garde Salon, signed on as a sponsor last month and here's just some details on an awesome local business.

We truly appreciate your support!
What makes Avant Garde so unique is their specialization in the Sahag method of dry cutting. Bryan Sepp, a certified Sahag dry cutter with over 15 years in the industry, and the other stylists use this method to shape each of their clients' hair when dry.

"We feel that this technique, while not necessarily better than any other method of shaping hair, allows us to have a much more creative and individualistic approach to meeting the needs of our client," Sepp says.

Avant Garde Salon has been doing their unique cuts in Gainesville for almost four years.

Sepp tells us, "I love working with hair. Hair dressing is another component that I love, there are few true hair dressers out there". With such a close location to the University of Florida; Avant Garde is able to attract a wide range of clients - both young and fashion forward - as well as professionals and locals to North Central Florida.

Sepp explained their involement in Gainesville Fashion Week 2010 will consist of styling all the models including: cuts, colors, adding extensions and dressing the hair for the shows. Sepp and his team of stylists say they're looking forward to doing really fun stuff that they are not able to do regularly, "the opportunity to do editorial work is something that is very exciting to any stylist or hair dresser".

Tangles and twists aside, Avant Garde will host an open-house cocktail party and art show for clients and friends of the salon. Overall Sepp is looking forward to seeing Avant Garde Salon's work walk down the runway, working with amazing models, and meeting a lot of new people while sharing with them all that Gainesville's community of artists has to offer. And he's already looking ahead.

"I feel that the direction that GFW is going is a wonderful one that will soon be giving so much more back to the community of young artists. The wheels for next year's event are already turning."

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