Saturday, January 21, 2012

GFW Takes Over Midtown

The Gainesville Fashion Week crew went on another promo adventure and hit up the Midtown area last night, handing out "HOT CARDS" to those worthy enough of walking down our catwalk.

To kick off the night, the fashion mob met on the front lawn of The Swamp Restaurant for a bite to eat, all dawning their new turquoise and red GFW V-Necks.

After a quick snack, it was playtime for the crew as we took over Cantina, sprinkling "HOT CARDS" everywhere. We met lots of potential catwalkers and even realized that our "HOT CARDS" are the perfect complement to a fishbowl. Who knew red and turquoise could look so HOT?
On our recruiting adventure the team made another pit-stop to local bar, BALLS, where we even found local celebrity Squirrel with a HOT! CARD! Everyone wanted to get their hands on one.

Midtown’s new hangout spot, O!O, was in full swing when the fashion crew arrived. With our stash of cards dwindling, we had to select the hotties wisely.

The Gainesville community better be well aware that Gainesville Fashion Week is back in full swing and hotter than ever! So, hotties, start working on your best Blue Steel, and get your strut up to par, because we’re coming for you!

GFW’s 2012 Model Casting Call is this Sunday, January 22nd, from 12-5 pm at neutral7 signs & graphics. See you there!

-Hayley M.

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