Monday, February 27, 2012

Our First Model Rehearsals

There is a reason people say that “practice makes perfect.” With Gainesville Fashion Week just around the corner (mark your calenders for April 11th-15th), it’s imperative that our models nail down the perfect walk and pose. Last night was the first of four model rehearsals and it took place at Sharab Lounge in downtown Gainesville.

It just warmed our hearts to see some of our models come to the rehearsal wearing their Gainesville Fashion Week shirts, but things really heated up when they started walking. Not to show off too much too soon, but we have fierce album on Facebook full of photos from the event. Take a peek, we’ll be you’ve never seen so many chiseled jawlines and sky-high heels strutting down a catwalk.

Bottom line: this is just the beginning of rehearsals, but we’re so happy and impressed with all our stunning models. That being said, there are three more official practices left, so the pressure is on. Practice makes perfect, but attitude makes a catwalk!


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