Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dress Rehearsal at Villa East

‘Twas the week before Gainesville Fashion Week and all through Villa East.
Models were practicing poses and enjoying the Cafe C feast!

As much as I’d love to continue this little song and dance, I think it’s more important to get down to business...IT’S FASHION WEEK, PEOPLE!

As I mentioned before, this past Thursday was our dress rehearsal at Villa East! We finally got the models and team, including our fabulous volunteers, in the space.

After everyone got a tour of the venue, we real work began, as models ran through every single show. Midway through the runway practice, we all loaded up our plates with the most delicious food, catering by Celebrations Catering/Cafe C. It was amazing, and this is coming from someone who got in line late!

After we all finished our dinner it was back to work! Running through shows, and nailing down detail for this coming week, everything had to be set in stone.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all business and no fun! We all mingled and caught up on each other’s lives. Music was pumping, as per usual, and everyone busted a little move...even our models!

It’s true, there’s nothing like the energy and feel of a live show, but we sure came close on Thursday! It only makes us even more excited for this week’s shows!

Maghan McDowell of INsite Magazine was on location during dress rehearsal, and so were the double cover editions of INsite! We snagged the two models, Joe and Christen, in between runway walks for a quick picture with their covers! I don’t know about you, but I’m bringing both covers and getting them autographed!

Villa East, Cafe C and Celebrations were an absolute pleasure to work with, the models were on point and the team was working hard, as always. Don’t get left in last-season, buy your tickets for Gainesville Fashion Week now!


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