Monday, February 14, 2011

Official Model Photo Shoot 2011

We want give props to one of our sponsors, University House on 13th Street, for letting us host the Official Model Photo Shoot at their beautiful clubhouse over the weekend (seriously, this is a really nice place!).

We revealed our 77 hot, new models that made the final cut for the 2011 season.

'Behind the Scenes: 2011 Official Model Photo Shoot

The afternoon was full of fun as we mingled with our new model friends!

Domino's Pizza and MONSTER Energy guaranteed we made it in one piece on the picture perfect day.

Behind the Scenes: 2011 Official Model Photo Shoot

I mean, who wouldn't wan't to spend their day surrounded by hot models an awesome team like ours? (Just saying).

For more behind the scenes, behind the fashion coverage:

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  1. LOVE Natalie back there fanning the models with a sign - hahaha