Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Designer Spotlight: Francine Elizabeth Schulze

We adore our designers and appreciate their support!

We are so excited to announce Francine Elizabeth Schulze as one of our designers for Gainesville Fashion Week 2013. She will be showcasing on Saturday of fashion week.

Francine Elizabeth Schulze is from a creative European family of artists, filmmakers, jewelers, sculptors, seamstresses and architects. Francine has been designing, sewing and producing beautiful original clothing, jewelry and weavings since she was a young child.

Clients commission Francine to create custom pieces for a special event, or just to enjoy looking their best in something unique. Her fashion looks include a range of soft, natural fabrics used in simple and appealing day wear, and glowing silk or satin pieces for glamorous evening wear. These designs include many interesting details mixing intricate beadwork, weaving and unexpected features. The back of a dress or top can be the best surprise!

Francine's gemstone, crystal and pearl jewelry can be a showpiece on its own. Every outfit and showpiece is not only interesting and beautiful, but is also crafted with perfect workmanship.

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