Sunday, February 3, 2013

GFW Loves Simons and Cantina

Everyone in Gainesville should know what a “Hot card” is after this past week. 

A rather ingenious viral marketing strategy, the hot cards not only pump people up for GFW, but also they also invite recipients to werk their hotness at our Model Casting Call this Sunday at Neutral 7.

We handed them out in Turlington Plaza during peak class time and in two of Gainesville’s hottest spots: downtown at Simon’s and midtown at Cantina. It was an exacting task to reach out to all of the beautiful people here in Gainesville, but someone had to do it! And trust us, we’re glad we did.

Essentially, a black-clad intern randomly approaches an attractive and stylish girl or guy, tells them just how fabulous they are and gives them a card. A little creeptastic, but ohsomuchfun we can’t even explain. And it works.

On Thursday we promoted at Simon’s, where we began around 10 p.m. and undoubtedly started the party. We mingled, posed for pictures and handed cards out to the cutest people. It was such a great time that we don’t think those who were hot-carded will ever forget us approaching them, even if they don’t show up to the Casting Call (although we can’t think of why they wouldn’t). It was classic GFW.

However, promoting at Cantina took things to a never-before-seen level. Per usual, hot cards were handed out, pictures were taken in front of our step-and-repeat banner, but then…

…that happened.

“That” is several LCD screens designed by Smart Cast Media.  People strapped the boards on their backs and walked through Midtown.  Then some of your gorge GFW 2013 Directors put them on, too!

It was amazing. Many of your GFW interns had no idea that this was going to happen, and when we first saw the boards marching down University Ave., there was a resounding, “Wait, are you serious?” Things had just gotten real.

FYI, promoting at Cantina using LCD boards was a huge deal: GFW was one of the organizations to use them for social marketing in Gainesville. It was a night to remember.

GFW in itself is something to remember. Come out and see us on Sunday at our Casting Call; you’ll be glad to say you were a part it.

See you then!

- Niko 

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