Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finding the Perfect Cast

After long nights promoting in midtown and downtown, bombarding social media outlets with hashtag-GFW and nervously handing out hot cards to attractive passers-by, our Model Casting Call finally arrived!
Interns and directors ushered in a plethora of high heeled and chiseled potential models from 12 to 5 pm at our neutral7 offices.

Fresh-faced and excited, models handed in applications and fees to interns at our tent. As they walked into the building, they took multiple headshots and many cheeks flushed pink when male models decided to show off perfect six packs for the photographer. 
 Next came the measurement station. Models were measured from head to toe by the bubbly group of interns who barely batted a well-mascaraed eyelash about measuring inseams. 
 Finally, it was time for Gainesville’s hottest to strut their stuff on the runway. Judged by a panel of directors and interns, each model was given a critique and asked to pose, pivot and repeat. 
 Phew! Five hours, four boxes of pizzas, three-dozen donuts, and countless cups of coffee later, the Gainesville Fashion Week team is more excited, and probably more caffeine-addicted, than ever before. We can’t wait for callbacks on Wednesday at 7 pm at Cellar 12, and don’t forget our make up Casting Call is tomorrow from 1 to 4 pm!

So excited for what’s to come,

- Roberta and Alyssa

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