Friday, February 1, 2013

The Recap: GFW Walking Clinic at Cellar 12

We all brush it off as a cliché quote, but after last night’s walking clinic, the bold potential models proved that practice really does make perfect.
A little apprehensive about the turnout, we were thrilled to see so many people filing into Cellar 12, prepared to master the art of the runway walk. About 30 model hopefuls of all shapes and sizes waited in the rustically whimsical special events venue, posing for pictures and soaking in the pulsating music before turning their attention to the seasoned model coaches.

Social Media intern Niko Pifferetti joined models Heather Jones, Sarah Parmenter and Nodira Abdukhamitova as they demonstrated how to properly walk down a runway and pose.
“We’re going over the basics – stand up straight, keep your eyes fixed in the center, how to walk keeping one in front of the other and hold poses so the photographer has time to shoot the outfit,” Heather said, who has been involved with GFW for four years.

 Soon enough the participants were able to apply what they learned, bravely strutting across the hardwood floors in front of the entire GFW staff. Between Sarah actively reminding the girls to slow down and Niko’s great tips for the guys’ “dude walk,” the prospective models got into the spirit and improved with each turn. The poses continued to get fiercer; one girl even whipped off her cherry red blazer at the end of her walk, receiving enthusiastic cheers from the staff and veteran models.
With so much excitement, talent and fashion in the room, we can only imagine how successful the Casting Call will be on Sunday.

But here’s an important tip for all you aspiring supermodels: Don’t forget your heels! 

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