Friday, March 23, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Tony Feria

Tony Feria, 23, owner of Zombie Vinyls, met up with us for an exclusive interview just a few weeks before his second appearance for Gainesville Fashion Week 2012. Inspired by music, Zombie Vinyls does what no other form of art has done: "Brings dead music back to life." Here's a little of what he had to say about his artwork, inspirations and GFW2012!

Q. How would you describe your art to someone that hasn't seen it before?

A. Tony explained his work to us in full detail. The color schemes for most of his work are based on various patterns, neons and designs . "Basically if you can think of mixing art and music together and featuring an artist's logo on a large vinyl that pretty much sums up my work."

Q. What inspires your creativity behind your designs? Was their a certain scenario in your life that made you get into your art?

A. Tony's inspiration for Zombie Vinyls was a duo-idea between him and his friend. They thought of an idea of mixing spray paint, vinyls and music. The first vinyl they created was a John Lennon. After realizing the potential to finetune their craft; they started to receive recognition from their friends, and before they knew it, Tony was on his way to start selling merchandise on tour with Identity.

Q. How long have your been doing art?

A. He explained that his favorite part of art of taking a creative thought and making it into something tangible. "I've been drawing all of my life and i've always liked art," Tony said. "I think its great how someone can think of something organically and make it into something tangible and be holding it later, absolutely mind-blowing."

Q. When did you begin your company, Zombie Vinyls?

A. According to Tony, Zombie Vinyls has been around now for 2 to 3 years and has slowly evolved a lot since its inception. He hopes to continue on the venture with his company and move out to the west coast upon graduating from the University of Florida this spring.

Q. What got you interested in the idea of art on vinyls?

A. "Because it captures what the art is really about, music," he said. Tony used this metaphor during his interview that brought out his hometown of Miami some love. "Its like painting Lebron James on a canvas or basketball, it just makes sense."

Q. What are you looking forward to the most this year for GFW 2012's art show?

A. "I'm excited to see all of the different artist this year has to offer." "But honestly, what I look forward to the most is going to support one of my best friends Co Producers, Kristi Desoiza." -- Sweet guy and artist isn't he?

Q. Any advice you want to share with young aspiring artist?

A. "The difference between someone who has ideas and one that doesn't is one who actually puts them into action and make it tangible," he said. "Think less, GO DO!"

Be sure to check out Tony and Zombie Vinyl's at Gainesville Fashion Week 2012, Wednesday April 11. Buy your tickets now! And pre-order your very custom own Zombie Vinyl here!!

Interview conducted by:
Alina Torres

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