Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sponsorship Alert: Monster Energy Drinks

We are excited to announce yet another sponsor of Gainesville Fashion Week! Returning for another year, Monster Energy Drinks is back to keep us all from going a little bit crazy, while keeping us pumped up all week long.

Monster is different from many of its competing drink companies in that it doesn’t advertise through typical channels. They prefer to support bands, athletes and fans through concert tours, parties and other wild events, instead of making commercials and billboards. If they can dream it, they’ll do it.

They also like to give stuff away that fits with their target group of adventure-seeking athletes and musicians who are living their lives in style, one day at a time. Promos include things like dirt bikes and snowboards, and even trips to hang out with top athletes and musicians. Monster features personalities like Snoop Dogg, Rob Dyrdek, Wee Man and T.J. Lavin, but the list goes on.

At Monster, people live their lives on the edge by partying hard, listening to punk rock music and being involved in intense action sports. Monster is a lifestyle in a can.

For more info about Monster and the crazy wild lifestyle it promotes, check out their Facebook or follow them on Twitter @MonsterEnergy, or visit their website, www.monsterenergy.com.

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