Sunday, March 18, 2012

The 3 W’s of GFW: Who, What, Wear

Fashion is our middle name...literally. We take the clothes we put on our bodies just as seriously as the clothes that goes down the runway. The GFW team is going to look fashion forward and put together for our week of events coming up in April. We want you to look your best, too, so here’s the dress breakdown.

April 11: Red Carpet/ Art Show Opening Night

That’s right, we’re rolling out the red carpet for the first night of fashion week. Complete with a step and repeat (the backdrop behind the carpet) where you can get your photo taken. The very best of Gainesville is coming out for this event, so you can expect the best.

For the ladies, something formal/ trendy is recommended, but not required. If you have a fancy LBD (little black dress) that you’re itching to wear, now is your chance. Ladies think night out with the girls on the town!

Gentlemen, we just ask that you dress like...a gentleman! Traditionally, trendy tops, dark jeans, slacks, button ups. If suits scare you, just dress to your comfort level, but it won’t hurt to sport a colorful bow-tie or classic skinny tie! In the same sense, dress like you're going out for the night with your buds!

Bottom line for everyone: wear something you want to be photographed in...because evidently, you will be photographed!!

April 12-15: Runway Shows

Just because these two nights center around what’s on the runway, doesn’t mean that you’re outfit isn’t important either. Definitely come to shows dressed more casually than the opening night Red Carpet and Art Show, but don’t skimp out on the trendiness! Lights will be flashing and pictures will be taken of the shows and of you! Dress to impress. Street fashion has become a big part of fashion show culture. Rock an arm party or two, pair tribal prints with neon and break out the platform wedges. Or even spicin' up your basics with a blazer and some pumps! Part of seeing if being seen, right?

Did we forget to mention the abundance of paparazzi that will be at our events? Be sure to LOOK YOUR BEST because you never know if your HOTness will be in the next magazine!

Get your GFW 2012 tickets now HERE! Follow the links to each separate nightly event to purchase your tickets! See you fashionistas there!


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