Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Designer Spotlight: Laura Kathleen

All the way from Project Runway Season 9, Laura Kathleen Planck, will be making an appearance Thursday, April 12 for our INsite Magazine Music Fashion Night. As our headlining designer showcasing her line,Laura Kathleen, we got the chance to interview this amazing fashionista about we can expect to see from her line this fashion week, her experience with Project Runway and an insider on what she may be wearing this year at Gainesville Fashion Week 2012!

Q. We are so excited to have you with us for GFW 2012, Can you tell us a little about your experience with Project Runway?

A. Laura explained to GFW that the two-month interviewing process was a long nail-biting experience going back and forth with the producers of Lifetime. "When I finally got the call I was waiting for I had to drop everything in my life and go," she said. "But oh my gosh it was such an intimidating process." Laura explained that season nine was a bit different than the rest. Out of the 20 contestants first on the show four were cut without a single challenge. She explained the whole process of being on the show like being in summer camp. "It was an incredible experience and if I had the chance to do it again I totally would." Making it all the way to top five on Project Runway, Laura Kathleen definitely made an impression on the show and gained an abundance of fashion fans, like us!

Q.So tell us, how long have you been into fashion? And when did you realize this is what you wanted to do with your life?

A. This fashion connoisseur knew she wanted to be in fashion since she could first remember."I remember career day in Kindergarten. I dressed up like a fashion designer/model, my mom thought I was crazy." Laura told GFW that ever since her mom let her start playing with sharp things at the age of 8, and bought Laura her first sewing machine; it was game over from that point on. "Being 5'1" the whole model thing wasn't going to work," she said. "I was fascinated by the whole designer industry, and started making clothes for my stuffed animals."

A fun fact many people don't know about Laura Kathleen, is that she admitted to being the biggest tomboy growing up. Who would have known? She confessed her mom would truck her around for soccer practice, and remembers playing on the playground with her guy friends on the playground because she didn't have many girlfriends from being so involved in sports. She even played flag football as an extra curricular in college!

Q. Can you tell us a little about your line "Laura Kathleen" and what Gainesville can expect for this year's fashion week.

A. "Laura Kathleen is a mix between Bohemian and French styles." She explained, think Moulin Rouge, but not the actual style more so the design of textiles and classiness. Laura gave us an insider detail that Gainesville will be the first to see some of her latest designs for her spring collection besides the buyers, and how excited she was for that! Eeekkk only two more weeks!

Q. Who is wearing Laura Kathleen?

A. "My line definitely caters to the one percent," Laura said. The one percent she explained was defined during our interview as reaching a wide range of ages but catering to those that are willing to pay the price for the quality. "We are constantly playing with our price points because we want everyone to be able to own a piece of Laura Kathleen," Laura eagerly said. Something that she takes a lot of pride on is that all of her pieces are manufactured here in the U.S. Laura explained that her pieces are very fashion forward and that there is something for everyone to wear. Her organic fabrics are very youthful and her bold unique prints are for those fashion connoisseurs that are not shy!

Q. In your fashion eye, what do you think will be this spring's next new trend?

A. "I love love love huge flowing fabric gowns," Laura said. "I encourage girls not to wear more skin but to wear something flowy and classy and more rined." Laura knows how to keep it classy!

Q. Any advice you can give to aspiring fashion designers?

A. "Know your craft, it's really important to know how clothing is constructed, a formal education is something you can obtain and is important," she said. "My second best advice, never look at somebody that’s giving you a critique as someone who is trying to hurt you." Laura also suggested seeking an apprenticeship and having someone let you work for him or her for free to learn as much as possible.

Q. And lastly, we're dying to know! What does Laura Kathleen plan on wearing to GFW 2012?

A. "I am definitely going to be wearing something ridiculously flowy," she said. "I love the 70's, jumpsuits and warm weather." This fashion super-star told GFW that will be accessorizing her outfit for GFW with her new line of jewelry, Love Armour.

Laura Kathleen Planck graduated from the Western Kentucky University and majored in design, merchandising and textiles. She also had the chance to study fashion design in Accademia Italiana in Florence Italy as well as obtaining a fashion internship in New York. Upon graduation, she accepted a job with Target overseeing stores in the Nashville area. She knew that wasn't her passion and decided to go for dream and began Laura Kathleen at the age of 23. During her time on Project Runway, she was judged by some of the fashion industry's biggest names: fashion designer Michael Kors, fashion model Heidi Klum, fashion director Marie Claire, and fashion Columbian columnist and critic Nina Garcia who had held the post for fashion director for top magazines Marie Claire and Elle.

Be sure to come out and see Laura Kathleen at GFW 2012 Thursday, April 12 for our INsite Magazine Music and Fashion Night. Tickets on sale now here!

Interview conducted by:
Alina Torres, Director of Social Media

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