Friday, March 23, 2012

Sponsorship Alert: Her Campus

We are proud to announce that Her Campus is one of the official media sponsors for Gainesville Fashion Week 2012 and will be providing round-the-clock coverage of the events featured during fashion week.

Her Campus is ranked as the #1 online magazine providing advice to college-aged girls all over the United States. Topics covered nationally include Love, Style, Beauty, Health, Career and Life with more localized content for each individual college. Her Campus serves to teach college-aged women the ins and outs of the world, while giving them updates on the current season’s fashions and health tips.

Her Campus was founded by three girls in their undergraduate at Harvard University, Stephanie Kaplan, Windsor Hanger and Annie Wang and it has been honored many times. Most recently, in October 2011, Her Campus was named a 50K Gold Winner and “Best All-Around Team” in MassChallenge, which is the world’s largest startup competition.

Visit their website, to check out all that they are dishing out!

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